Under-pillow speaker that helps you sleep


Under-pillow speaker that helps you sleep

Drowsie lets you play your favourite sleeping sounds from your favourite apps directly under your pllow in total comfort all night long


Immersive Sleep Sounds, From Under Your Pillow

Simply lay down on your pillow and let Drowsie help you embrace a world of tranquillity, free of disruptive anxiety, thoughts and memories.

Enjoy sleep like you never have before.

Fall Asleep With Matthew McCounaghey

Listen to Matt tell a story about 'Wonder'

Achieve Clarity In Your Headspace

Listen to guided meditation comfortably in your bed

Music, podcasts, Spotify

Fall asleep to your favourite playlist

Sleep And Learn

Listen to something educational and wake up smarter

Better Sleep, Better Life

Restless sleep plagued by nightmares, persistent insomnia and trouble falling asleep all take a tremendous toll on your mind, body and spirit.

Break this vicious cycle by enjoying going to sleep each and every night.

A better life starts with better sleep.

An Enhanced Sleeping Experience

Drowsie elevates your night-time meditative experience. Whether you listen to sleep stories, guided meditations or sleep sounds, Drowsie immerses you into a one-of-a-kind enhanced sensory experience without disturbing your partner.

Calm, Headspace, Audible, Spotify and other apps all just got a whole lot better.